Why is it Important for Business to Create E-Commerce Website

Why is it Important for Business to Create E-Commerce Website? E-commerce is the concept that describes the purchase and sale of products and services over internet. If you have a business, it has become highly important today to have an e-commerce website to sell your products and services. One major reason behind it is the […]

What’s New In Magento 2 Ecommerce CMS?

Magento 2 has become the most preferred platform for eCommerce website and apps development. Whether you are an individual developer or someone from a professional Magento development company, the latest updates about the CMS platform will certainly help you offer better services to client. Let’s begin it. Magento 2 is bundled with some of the […]

Why is Node.js Better than Java and .NET?

Node.js is a runtime environment for developing web applications. Its open-source environment allows code to be re-used and re-distributed. Node.js is rapidly emerging as a preferred platform to create web based APIs since it is based on the concept of server side scripting. The development environment has been the backbone for creating some of the […]

Importance of Angular Js in mobile application development

Right from the time of its launch, Angular JS has been ruling the open source app development world. As a feature-rich and highly advanced client-side framework, Angular JS is widely adopted and used by web development companies as well as individual developers globally. Designed and launched by Google in the year 2009, Angular JS framework […]

Time for airlines to use XML intelligence to drive profit

Understanding the passenger shopping journey from searching to buying is a major pre-occupation for airlines in today’s competitive distribution landscape. XML intelligence prompted by IATA’s NDC initiative holds many answers to help structure what is sold where and to whom.   There is a certain urgency in this when you consider all the new ways […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Hopes and fears

Microsoft is bringing together its Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions in a brand new cloud bundle called Dynamics 365. Our CRM consulting department looks at all the available facts to see how disruptive it could be for businesses. Officially announced on July 6 and presented a bit later at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft […]

Real Time 360 Experience Becomes Affordable!

Challenge DotZoo has been at the forefront of the Virtual Reality revolution ever since YouTube added support for VR videos in early 2015. Since then, our R&D team has been closely engaged with 360 VR video capturing, processing, distribution, and playback. Today, 360 VR streaming is considered a promising addition to traditional event broadcasting. Spectators can […]

The Biggest Problem EVER with PHP Development – Bugs!?!

If you have had the experience of having a customized PHP web application developed, you would know the challenge that comes along in fixing the bugs that show up unexpectedly. A PHP development company often charts out a wireframe and starts working on it. While this may look like the right thing to do, however […]

Advantages of Doing E-Business in Today’s World

A website is an essential part of your business. Online reputation is necessary these days as most of the people rely on the internet. Professional appearance of a website also helps in increasing sales by getting more trust and attention from the people. Only a professional web designing company can help you to get a […]

A Must Have Service For Online Business Presence

Web development is a very well-known term that most of us have heard about it many a times. Listening about the term is not enough but, having knowledge about it is important. For any businessman it is must to understand it and get the service if it is necessary. So, to beat the competition, it […]