Dotzoo specializes in providing a resource pool of Software Talent for development of turnkey solutions (in tight deadlines). This means - application engineers, solution architects, program leads and project managers, and also the space, the environment plus technology tools a sound development project needs to see the light of the day. With our dedicated or contract teams, who embrace technology for creating leading solutions, we provide an environment which fosters technical enhancements and development of superior products.

We strongly emphasize good project management via feedback and control. If it's tried, tested and corrected, it will run fine. So we strive to deliver solutions that meet their intended use. We achieve this by continuous monitoring, strong team effort and feedback. Our leadership and focus on results is integral to success of our teams and in turn the success of our clients. We bring multiple man-years of development experience in various technologies on the worktable. The process and project delivery documents define the scope of our guiding principles.