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strategyStrategy Development is at the very heart of Dotzoo Inc. We provide top-notch, exclusive, need-based Think-Tank services in areas like New Business Initiatives, Emerging Market Development, Logistics Management, Legacy Systems Conversion, Equipment Upgrade Analysis, and fostering Buyer-Seller Relationships. With decades of industry experience with Corporate giants like Procter and Gamble, MCI, Rubbermaid, Shell Oil, Ford Motors, SmithKline Beecham, i2, UN funded projects etc., it's easy for our consultants to extend that knowledge base and become a valuable resource for our client's developing initiatives.

newbusinessNew Business Initiatives - Dotzoo in its nascent years provided expertise to a mutli-million dollar business helping it source products Asia-Pacific region for sale in the domestic market. We hand held the client in identifying the products, short listing the manufacturers, closing the deals and getting the supplies shipped to the US market. The venture took off with great success, leading to repeat business.

Taking a lead from our consulting success, when online retailers were trying to attract customers, Dotzoo provided a platform for it's clients to help enhance the effectiveness of their Marketing efforts. With years of experience in retail industry and customer contact, we provided the ultimate tool - Electronic Coupons for driving traffic, sales, and repeat business for growing online retailers. With exacting standards from clients like, Staples, Barnes and Noble, theSportsAuthority and over 900 others, we have learnt to deliver what we promise!

emergingEmerging Market Development - Businesses today are not bound by geographic boundaries. In the age of satellite links, and internet connectivity, the world itself can be a market for almost any company. So why should your business shy away? We realize that there are cultural, socio-economic and language differences. We can help you bridge these differences. We have links to venture capital and strategic partners for joint-ventures ready and waiting to join hands with you. Contact us today, to further discuss the possibilities.

We have experience doing business in many countries, and can provide a conduit for success to businesses for expanding into these emerging markets. Wouldn't you rather have a piece of the 6 billion Global Consumer market, rather than focussing only on the roughly 280 million market the of the USA?

We are working with partners in launching a variety of much needed services to the markets of Asia-Pacific. We can also identify potential markets for expansion, within specific industry segments. Talk to us and we may have the idea you have been wanting to roll with!

legacyLegacy Systems - An industrial sized application, or a legacy systems conversion project. We have experienced project managers, and systems analysts, who can take charge of managing these tasks for you.

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