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VISION - Dotzoo believes technology should enhance our experiences, not change them. We provide services, which enhance the experience of customers through eCommerce & mCommerce technology and by using traditional technology tools. Dotzoo provides a platform for customers to make informed decisions through a combination of our proprietary solutions, as well as solutions offered by our partner businesses.

INVESTORS - Dotzoo Inc. is a privately held corporation. However, in an effort to grow the market reach and market share of our products, we are open to involvement with selected investors. If you or your company is interested in investment opportunities within Dotzoo Inc., please send a brief email message to the following E-mail address, and our legal department will get in touch with you. Please note that all correspondence pertaining to investments will be handled confidentially. Email:


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EMPLOYMENT - To be considered for current and future openings, please submit your information via our Online Submission Form: Technical Positions.

For Human Resource related questions please send an email to:

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