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24 X 7 Team

Development ProcessThink of 24x7 software development? In a world obsessed with 24x7 e-commerce and 24x7 pharmacies, can we dream of a 24x7 development shop? An obvious choice is to run your show in shifts and manage the gripes of a graveyard shift (during this economic downturn?). So, how easy is it to manage such an operation? Ask all the companies who have moved Call Center Support & Development activities to developing nations (like India). Why is that the new wave? Surely it must affect the bottom line! Having to manage a large team and then organize the resources for speed to market can be a challenge, but not any more.

Imagine running your office here with optimal resources and letting the staff concentrate on design and features, while leaving the coding to domain experts in another part of the globe. In the day, your team would define the requirements, select the technology and freeze the design. When the nightfalls, the team across the globe awakens from its slumber, to turn your dream into reality, creating the real product - ready to be tested and improved when your team here returns to work in the day.

Development ProcessHard Facts- If you are still asking, why this noise about offshore development, when you can get the work done in your own office, city or state? Consider the value proposition of offshore development:

  • Access to right talent from a large pool of highly skilled Information Technology Engineers;
  • Skills upgraded continuously for meeting cutting edge technology changes, thanks to global connectivity;
  • English as a common language of understanding, so there are no barriers to effective communication;
  • Good understanding of business processes, leading to high-end quality solutions;
  • Dollars strength gives higher buying power, so more bang for your buck;
  • Lower operating / infrastructure costs in developing countries.

The global language of technology and satellite linked high-speed Internet connections, leaves no lag for our industry globally. The same technology and configuration of machines that you find in your home country, is used in development centers across the world. This means, Project Managers can coordinate your team's efforts at delivering right solutions, at the right time and within the much lowered budgeted costs.

Development Process

eCRM Support - If you run an online store or information site, consider outsourcing your Customer Service Functions to our 24x7 CRM Center in India. With qualified and experienced representatives handling your customers queries, the process is seemless for you, and sheds off almost 70% of the cost of providing this service from your in-house center. From E-Mail support to 800 number support, we can provide it all. Contact us today for more information.

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