mcommerceWhile a majority of the internet enabled Commerce activity to date globally has been concentrated in the Developed world, an estimated 484 Million users will be able to participate in mobile commerce by 2005.**** Imagine the potential market opportunity created by these wireless users.

mCommerce is predicted to be for net commerce what VHS (vs. Beta) was for Videos. Ever wonder about the possibilities of this technology? Imagine walking upto a Vending Machine, pressing an authentication button on your mobile device, and it automatically deducting your account for your purchase.

If using SMS, Bluetooth, 802.11 or i-mode technology for enabling mobile commerce is an area your company is interested in, we would like to get an opportunity to share our strengths with you.

We have a team of top notch developers of mCommerce technology working with us. Contact us today to get your project on the way, or talk to us further to establish if your idea can be brought to reality!

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