Mobile App Development

  • iPhone
    iphone created the fast exploding Smart Phone Market by introducing an intuitive and easy to use touch screen based user interface in June 2007. While subsequent versions of this popular phone have consistently raised the bar in user expectations on graphics capability, and speed and purpose of a phone, the most addictive part of the iPhone devices is their ability to run ever more useful Applications. Applications running on iOS Operating System allow you to not only better connect with your customers, but also give App publishers an opportunity to earn substantial ongoing revenue! Dotzoo is happy to share our experience, expertise and knowledge with you in the App development, promotion and monetization process! Talk to one of our experts today!

  • Android phones
    Android is the market share leader in Operating Systems running on hand held smart phone devices globally. From a later entrant to the Smart Phone space, Google’s Android operating system has still managed to open up the playing field to large phone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, HTC and more! Users who own Android OS Smart Phones are growing exponentially daily. Our skilled team of android app developers can efficiently program for you Apps that can be quickly and profitably deployed!