Development ProcessAs the internet rapidly grows and expands, it is important to make the first impression the right one. Dotzoo Inc. takes pride in producing websites which reflect the culture, vision and priorities of our customers. We feel it is important to keep in close contact with customers at all times to ensure the web development cycle matches the clients expectations.

Dotzoo uses several logical and consistent steps in completing a client project. However, please keep in mind we realize our clients needs vary and we constantly tailor our process accordingly. Throughout the project, our goal is to make your experience with dotzoo as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

Development ProcessStep 1: Initial Contact - Free initial consultation with client to discuss site needs, purpose and setup. We design a series of questions to help determine the web development needs and what additional assistance Dotzoo Inc. can offer towards reaching our customer's goals.

  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Comprehend objectives
  • Determine deliverables
  • Create schedule
  • Estimate costs
  • Develop proposal

Development Process

Step 2: Assessment - An effective website should reflect the business as a whole and reach it's targeted audience. Dotzoo Inc. likes to take the time to understand our customer's business, clients and employees to make sure the website matches the organization.

  • Understanding Culture
  • Establish objectives
  • Determine key messages
  • Identify audiences
  • Research competitors
  • Obtain feedback

Development Process

Step 3: Conceptualization - Once our team fully understands what our customers want and need, we like to take the next step of offering some industry input and creativity in the process. To help differentiate the customer's business from the competition with the latest tools and interactive media. Also at this time we present mock designs and obtain further input from our customers.

  • Brainstorm
  • Suggest alternatives
  • Answer questions
  • Provide mock-ups/sketches
  • Gather input

Development Process

Step 4: Design - The next step in the cycle is firming down the design and developing the site to work within the customers defined parameters. We like to make sure the website is reflecting the appropriate messages and delivering it the the correct audience.

  • Revisit focus
  • Refine key messages
  • Organize details
  • Obtain Content
  • Meet objectives
  • Gain your approval

Development Process

Step 5: Production - Once the look and feel of the site have been approved, we begin coding and developing the web pages. At this time we finalize site content, artwork and can also provide a better estimate of the cost and set deadlines.

  • Bid/Estimate
  • Prepare Artwork
  • Proof Site
  • Organize production
  • Set Deadline
  • Deliver Product

Development Process

Step 6: Follow-through - Throughout the development cycle, the customer has played integral role in the design and creation of the site. We like to make sure the site is ready for use and can also provide assistance transferring the site to the internet. Dotzoo also gathers input and feedback regarding the customer's experience with our team.

  • Establish standards
  • Installation
  • Review objectives
  • Continue relationship