MIssion Statement

Our mission is to provide quality solutions for businesses, enabling them to leverage online presence and be successful in the digital marketplaces. We specialize in assisting successful enterprises become even more successful, by designing and building new web sites, by maintaining and enhancing existing web sites, hosting web sites and promoting web sites which also includes Search Engine Optimization.

Dotzoo strongly believes that all web businesses have their unparalleled mission and great objectives and they come across many obstacles while achieving their specified goals. Rather than enforcing a solution, just because it works well with other enterprises, we offer solutions that are advantageous for our clients. After in-depth research we formulate web solution that works, not just today, but for years to come.

At Dotzoo Inc., we believe that a determined focus on cutting-edge technologies, creative solutions, and strong project management discipline are the actual essentials of realizing the mission. Dotzoo Inc’s highly motivated and qualified team assists clients in achieving their goals in time, in budget, and with results which are beyond expectations. We change our client’s business ambition into a prosperous online reality.

To realize the digital dreams of our clients, it takes a lot of dedication and focused efforts. We aim to achieve our target through efficient communication, clear goals and respect towards our team, clients and other entities we deal or partner with.

Our Philosophy

Client satisfaction is an absolute must for any business to flourish. We aim at delivering world-class products and personalized services, to ensure a high level of client satisfaction. We maintain a high standard of dealing with clients, based on fair and just terms. We develop and retain talented as well as dedicated human resources through mutual respect and concern, providing opportunities to learn, contribute and advance. We also aim at maintaining a professional work environment conducive to trust, open communication and team spirit. The main basis of our organization is to advance technologically and deploy solutions in a professional and efficient manner.

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