Mobile Apps

Core Strength

Dotzoo’s core strength is in conceptualizing and developing world class, appealing UI based, smart phone Apps. We understand the different technological limitations between the two leading platforms (iOS and Android) and utilize this knowledge to create engaging Apps which offer meet the needs of our SMB and Enterprise Clients to connect with their existing customers (CRM) and or create engagement with potential customers.

Technical Expertise

Dotzoo has technical expertise in native iOS (in SwiftUI , SWIFT or Objective-C) and Android (Java, Kotlin, C++, JavaScript) App Development.

Our designs are modular and User Interfaces (UI) appealing and simple, so the user experience is greatly enhanced, while keeping the Apps light and quick to respond.

Consultative Approach

Dotzoo works closely with its customers, taking a consultative approach. Our experienced Project Managers discuss and understand your business objectives first, analyze your needs and then propose an optimal solution, before finalizing the specifications (based on your input) and then oversee the development process with our in-house programmers.

Over the past 15 years, mobile apps have steadily become the preferred method for users to access the internet, connect with the family, attend to their shopping needs, and innovatively use for making their live’s healthier and convenient. The market leaders (Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS) are a must launch avenue for any serious business that wants to stay relevant for its customers.

We can help your company manage your end-to-end operations using our custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) App tools, and offer you a unique and appealing way to connect directly with your customers using our custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) App solutions. We can also help you collect and harness useful user usage data, which will help you better manage your business enterprise.

Ask us about our past experience developing popular lifestyle, educational, religion, mobile commerce and faith Apps. Talk to Dotzoo’s excellent team to bring your mobile App idea to life.

Dotzoo is based in the leading tech center of the world (Puget Sound Area – Seattle and Bellevue, WA) – which is home to Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, T-Mobile, Nintendo, Boeing, Starbucks, Nordstrom and more, which gives us the ability to hire and retain experienced professionals to augment our teams with expertise that gives us an edge to better serve our customers.

Sample Apps

Prospect Wizard allows a user to interact with their corresponding site.

Hire pay app is created to connect everyday people in the community that need a service completed with a person who needs on the spot cash.

MLO app is a simple and fun tool to use for anyone thinking about buying a house.

TownCar App offers Luxury Town Car Service in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

May 28 Prospect Wizard
Prospect Wizard

The Prospect Wizard allows a user to interact with their corresponding site. It will do dialing and text send functions as well as adding contact from the mobile device directly into the site. It also offers the ability to quickly add a prospect directly to the site via the mobile device and also it has add calendar events functionality.

May 22 Hire pay
Hire pay

List a job you need done, and let a member of the community earn extra cash by completing the job, and make money on the spot While you sit back and relax or Look on the map to find jobs listed by fellow members of the community needing a job or service completed. Make money on the spot !!

May 20 My Loan Officer
My Loan Officer

This app is a simple and fun tool to use for anyone thinking about buying a house. Run scenarios on purchase prices, interest rates, down payments, etc…

May 18 TownCar App
TownCar App

TownCar App offers Luxury Town Car Service in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

May 17 Trade IN EU
Trade IN EU

Trade IN EU (TIE), offers its Indo-European Clients a wide variety of business information with topics related to tax and legal policy, business news, periodic partner newsletters and other business events pertaining to Indo-European trade.

May 14 Android

Google’s Android Platform is one of the fastest growing mobile platform in the world, and is available on Phones/Devices from most top manufacturers. Each Android phone offers varying capabilities and the Google Marketplace is an ideal distribution point for Free Apps to reach out to consumers. Our dedicated Android App Development team has helped launched many successful App solutions over the last year. Submit a Free Quote request now for a bid on your Android App idea!

May 13 iPhone

Apples latest iPhone/iPod Touch devices now offer front and back facing cameras, and a 940 x 640 Resolution Retina Display. These Multi-Tasking devices, with HD Video Recording offer thousands of Apps that simplify & entertain consumers. Our DzoApps unit has extensive experience in developing and launching Apps for these devices. Contact us today to Get a Free Quote on your project!

May 12 Windows Phone
Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone is now the new face of the most widely used Nokia Symbian platform of the yesteryears. While the App Market is still in the early stages on this platform, we recognize that Microsoft’s considerable financial wealth will continue to make Windows Phone more meaningful as Smart Phone devices mature. If you are interested in exploring the potential of Windows Phone, talk to us for a Free Quote on your App!