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Talk Punjabi

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Sat Sri Akal ! Punjabi is the spoken language of the historical and flourishing “Punjab” region of South East Asia. From the Northern belts of India, to a large part of Eastern Pakistan, Punjabi is spoken by inhabitants of the region who have traditionally been considered extremely enterprising. Sikhs and Hindus of the region have for centuries been the first migrants to Countries like England, Canada, USA. Today, Punjabi is the 2nd most spoken language in England, and 3rd most spoken language in Canada! This App offers you an easy to use interface to click on an English Word from our carefully selected list of commonly used words and hear it’s Punjabi translation. If you are a Punjabi yourself, hoping to encourage your kids to pick up the language, or simply someone looking to learn this beautiful language, we encourage you to give our Free App a try. As always, we welcome your feedback, and look forward to continue to provide our Google Play audience a variety of Free tools to help them continue to connect with their roots! Sat Sri Akal !


  • Easy to use Interface
  • Intelligently pre-selected essential phrases
  • All phrases on one screen
  • Works in every orientation
  • All Audio in words of a native Punjabi speaker