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Are you looking for ways to enhance your business productivity and utilize maximum of your resources? The solutions to your problem is customized web application development. Your business needs, customized application services to streamline its multiple processes. Dotzoo Inc is the right place for you to be. We are one of the leading website application development companies. Our company is backed by a team of proficient web application developers. The web applications developed by our professional web developers are at par with the best in the industry and are customized according to your business requirements. In the present times of high competition, companies need to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiency and raise customer satisfaction levels. This is where we come in action and develop customized web applications for your company. Our aim is to provide you with a secure system so that you can tap the full potential of the latest technologies.
Our team of developers have mastered the technique of developing and customizing:
Dotzoo Inc's application development services include:
Web Application:
A web application is a dynamic program that uses a web-based interface and a client-server architecture. Our team of proficient web application developers understand that the value of application development and maintenance is more than quality and productivity. There are other dimensions, such as the user’s perspective and the value delivered. The web applications developed by Dotzoo Inc are advantageous for your company for the following reason:
Intranet Application:
Intranet applications are a must have for any business organization. Intranet is personal premium network used for data and information exchange within an organization. We have a team of developers specializing in intranet application development to help you streamline your business processes. Our developers make an in depth study of your business organizational requirements and customize the applications to optimize your business productivity. A company’s success depends upon many aspects and the interaction between its employees is one of the main aspects. Dotzoo Inc can help your organization in the planning, design, implementing and ongoing management of your Intranet applications including: understanding requirements, selecting software, integrating systems, and developing custom applications. The intranet application specially developed for your company by Dotzoo Inc fulfill your unique requirements. The intranet applications can be customized for the following fields:
The intranet applications developed by us will help your organization to:
Desktop Application:
Desktop Web Applications are custom designed web applications built with MS SQL2000, MS SQL 7.0 and MS Access 2000 (and above) specifically for internal use within a department or unit. They require a regular server and are usually window based. Dotzoo Inc specialize in developing desktop applications for organizations. Our desktop application developers ensures web development services and customization of desktop applications as per your company’s needs. The desktop applications developed by us are being used by many companies the world over.
The key features of the desktop applications developed at Dotzoo Inc are:
Dont look any further and come to us for your desktop application development requirements. We ensure you that our services are at par with the best in the industry.
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